Emmarie Behavioral Home Care


 Emmarie Behavioral Home care is a level II Behavioral Health Residential Agency providing services to seriously Mentally ill (SMI) clients to both males and females 18 years of age and older. Emmarie BHC is established to serve people who are in need of behavioral health treatement services. This need may arise from mental illness, substance abuse or chemical dependency or other related conditions.

Clients in this subclass maybe limited in functional capacities for daily living activities such as interpersonal relationships, home making, self-care, employment and recreation.  

Company History

Emmarie Behavioral Home Care was founded in 2008 by my wife and I who brought together a unique synergy and depth of talents with one clear vision, shared vision: to provide uncompromised services to residents and families, with unwavering ethics and intergrity, within the most unique and treatment experiences possible.

Our Philosophy

Emmarie Behavioral Home care is to improve the life of people who for various reasons, have experienced difficulty in functioning in society in productive or acceptable ways. Emmarie Behavioral Home care attempts to support the client in reaching his or her maximum physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential in the least restrictive setting. We are a caring, family oriented and community organisation. We provide quality - individualised services to meet the specialised needs of the residents we serve. We are dedicated to assist residents in realising their fullest potentials. 

Mission Statement

Emmarie Behavioral Home care provide a supportive therapeutic environment which builds trust and develops self esteem, enhance the ability of each resident in developing and sustaining a high quality of mental and emotional stability and to enable residents to complete their process of successful re-intergration into the community.




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