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            Elion Green FinanceBuilding Green Finance Platform Driving Business Development of Ecological Envir...

            Sticking to the eco-friendly concept and medical health, build a green finance platform integrated with funds, trusts, finance lease, credit, the third party payment, finance company, insurance and carbon finance as a whole by the way of "Funds plus Technology".

            Finance Company Green Silk Road Fund Carbon trading Trusts Internet Finance

            Elion Finance Co., Ltd. was established on October 10, 2012 with a registered capital of 2 Billion RMB. The company kept zero non-performing loan rate for three consecutive years since its establishment, with return on asset of 2.94% and return on equity of 11.06%, representing a good profitability. Looking ahead in 2017, the company will help the group coordinate credit of 10 Billion RMB and inter-bank credit of 10 Billion RMB .

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