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            Desert Control for Poverty All

            President Jinping Xi emphasized that every related department should sign the responsibility for the poverty alleviation program in the poverty alleviation and development conference convened by the Central Committee. On March 4, 2016, President Jinping Xi attended a joint meeting and talked with the members of the China Democratic National Constriction Association and the ones of China Federation of Industry and Commerce who participated in the 4th Session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee. Wenbiao Wang, Chairman of China Elion Resources Group, guaranteed that he would control 10,000 km2 desertification in five years and help 100,000 people out of poverty, earing the President’s affirmation and concern. Since 2016, Elion Group has launched the second desertification control eco-industrial poverty alleviation plan for100,000 people.

            Mode of Poverty Alleviation: combine being green with being rich, ecology with survival, and industry with poverty alleviation.

            Mechanism of Poverty Alleviation: government’s policy support, enterprise’s industrial investment, poor household’s market participation, and biological persistence improvement.

            Measures of Poverty Alleviation: desert land leasing for poverty alleviation, pooling of land for poverty alleviation, greening employment for poverty alleviation, tourism and agritourism employment for poverty alleviation, industrial employment for poverty alleviation, company and farmers’ planting and breeding for poverty alleviation, and public benefit for poverty alleviation.

            Achievements of Poverty Alleviation: 102,000 people out of poverty thoroughly, 36,000 people out of poverty directly since the 18th CPC National Congress.

            Measures And Achievements
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