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            Germplasm Resources BankGermplasm repository
            Germplasm is the genetic material that is passed on to the offspring. Germplasm resources are an important component part of biodiversity, which is the material foundation of human survival and development. The protection and development of desert germplasm resources is the guide and foundation of desertification prevention and control.

            ELION Group Limited activated the largest germplasm repository in Kubuqi of the northwest China in 2015 based on the protection, introduction, domestication and development for desert germplasm resources in the last 30 years, and supported by the State Forestry Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The bank has stored 1,040 kinds of desert germplasm resources, including Medicinal plants, Desert shrub, rare and endangered species, Psammophytic herbaceous plants and Ecological restoration plant five categories, which has effectively promoted the desertification prevention and development of ecological industries in Kubuqi as well as the output to Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and countries along the "the Belt and Road".
            The Development and Application of the Germplasm Resources in Kubuqi DesertDevelopment and application of KuBuJi germplasm resources.
            "Cultivation of "Drought, Cold and Saline-alkali Tolerant Plant"Tri-resistant plants.
            ”The research of “three resistance plants” is based on the traditional technology and the adoption of various advanced breeding methods (technologies such as genetic engineering, cell engineering and space induced mutation), and the breeding research and development of drought-enduring, cold-resistant, saline-alkaline tolerance plants in existing desert plants in order to achieve the creation of genetic germplasm of desert plants and select and breed new special germplasm resources material in the end.

             “Cold-resistant, drought-enduring and saline-alkaline tolerance” restoration plant representatives of cultivation and introduction in ELION Group Limited.

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